Happy Holidays From The Grooby Productions Sites!

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t-grooby-holidays-crona-valentine t-grooby-holidays-kureha-kanzaki

We here at Grooby Productions would like to wish you all a very Happy Holiday Season, a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! We’ve got plenty of holiday themed shoots up for you all to enjoy so swing on by Black Tgirls and check out Crona Valentine, Shemale Japan for the lovely Kureha Kanzaki, Frank’s Tgirl World for cute Ladyboy Pooh, and Shemale XXX for more of the sexy Shemale Santa Samantha!

t-grooby-holidays-pooh t-grooby-holidays-samantha

Also, a number of our Grooby Network Girls have their holiday themed shoots up for you to enjoy so I hope you’ll check them out too! Jordan Jay is looking delectable in her red, high heeled boots, while Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl has some sweet, sugary sticks for you to enjoy in her sexy Santa outfit! We’d like to thank you all for being Fans and Members of our sites throughout 2014 and we are looking forward to providing you with even more great content to enjoy in 2015!

t-grooby-holidays-jordan-jay t-grooby-holidays-krissy4u


The Grooby Girls Holiday Tgirl Competition Special!

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CLOSING DATE – January 4, 2015

The earlier we get yours, the more publicity we can give you!

Here’s the skinny … either wearing one of our very special Grooby Girls Holiday T-shirts OR or another Grooby Girls T-shirt OR a Grooby Girls tattoo, send us a collection of your best Holiday photos taken by yourself (selfies) or your friends. Points will particularly be awarded for outdoor shoots, hot sets, making sure there is Holiday or seasonal themes in the photos and anything creative. We’ve had lots of entries for previous competitions but we aim to go into 2015 with this being the largest yet, which is why we have increased the prizes – win Amazon Gift Cards and start your New Year with a bang!

Grooby has a lot of exciting ideas for Grooby Girls and other transsexual model opportunities for 2015, so if you want to be part of it, this is the place. We are open to anyone, whether you have been a model with us, or not. This isn’t just for models but for any tgirls who are super Grooby!

Previous winners for the Halloween competitions created photo sets.

You can do what you wish!

You can enter as many times as you wish by sending the photos to;
admin AT grooby.com with any text and social media or website links you wish to add.

Videos will also be accepted.

TWO TOP PRIZE WINNERS OF: $100 Amazon Gift Card Each
TWO RUNNERS UP OF $50 Amazon Gift Card Each

We’re ready right now for your photos. Don’t miss this!

Grooby Productions Launches The New Ladyboy.XXX!

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Featured Here: Moh, Sophie, Game, and Alyce

Grooby Productions has just launched the brand new site, Ladyboy.XXX, the companion site to their other ‘Dot XXX’ site, Shemale.XXX. Although Grooby Productions already has sites in their portfolio that feature Ladyboys and Asian Shemale Pornstars, Ladyboy.XXX is a different kind of site with brand new content. Says Steven Grooby:

What I wanted to do here is bring in a new crew of photographers to shoot Asian Tgirls on an all new site, where all the content is spanking brand new, the site is 100% compatible with iPhone/iPads and devices, has both streaming and downloadable HD video, provides contact details for many of the models (for those traveling there) and is aimed at a price point for those finding it difficult to pay for the more expensive sites out there.

It’s difficult times all round, the economy sucks, people are losing jobs and everything is getting more expensive. I hope this site will bridge a gap for those who want some of the best up to date, Ladyboy content and are more comfortable with the $19.99 a month price point.

Hot Ladyboys, new content, and a great price? Sounds like a good deal to me! Come check out the brand new Ladyboy.XXX and take a little tour for yourself!


Danika Dreamz Is Tied Up For Your Fantasy At Bob’s Tgirls!

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t-danika-dreamz-bobstgirls-01 t-danika-dreamz-bobstgirls-01

If you need a little spark to get your imagination flowing, just check out this hot scene of Danika Dreamz all tied up at Bob’s Tgirls! If you can’t figure out something to fantasize about after checking this set out, then I think you’re probably a hopeless case!

Who wouldn’t be turned on by the sight of this beautiful Shemale tied up and waiting for a big cock to ram her ass? You can tell that Danika herself is pretty turned on by the tight squeeze of rope around her body… just look at how hard her Shemale cock is as she struggles helplessly against her bonds! There are a lot of memorable sets at Bob’s Tgirls, but I think he outdid himself with this one featuring the beautiful Danika Dreamz!

t-danika-dreamz-bobstgirls-01 t-danika-dreamz-bobstgirls-01


See Sexy Shemale Pornstars At Play At Bob’s Tgirls!

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bobstgirls-promo-02 bobstgirls-promo-03
bobstgirls-promo-04 bobstgirls-promo-05

In This Post: Jessica Host, Bora Gin, Paris Pirelli, Danika Dreamz

Bob’s Tgirls has long been recognized as one of the places that new girls line up to shoot for if they’re serious about a career as a Shemale Pornstar. With nearly 15 YEARS of content, you can imagine that the site has amassed quite the collection of outstanding shoots featuring some of today’s top Shemale Pornstars as well as some choice sets from girls of yesteryear.

Grooby Productions has partnered with Bob’s Tgirls to get you a very special price to the site FOR THE NEXT 20 or so days! I repeat… this special price is only good for 20 DAYS as of 4/28/12 and the only place you can get it is by using the links in this post! At $19.99 for the first 30 days and then rebilling at $24.99, this is great deal since the site is normally priced at $29.99. The best thing is that you’ll retain this special price for as long as you maintain your membership to Bob’s Tgirls… Don’t wait… go get it now!


Save Some Bucks, Get Some Porn With Grooby Discount Tickets!

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grooby-tickets-02 grooby-tickets-02
grooby-tickets-02 grooby-tickets-02

Everyone likes a good deal, right? Well, if you’re anything like me, that deal hunting doesn’t stop just because you’re surfing for porn, and if you’re a fan of the Grooby Productions sites, then you should take a look at Grooby Discount Tickets, a quick and easy way to get instant access to all the Grooby sites!

For brevity, I’ll just let you check out the Grooby Discount Tickets site and read about the details yourself. This is kind of funny to me because I just went to one of those old drive through movie theaters the other night where you actually got a ticket for admittance to two of the shows you wanted to see. Grooby Discount Tickets works along the same lines except you need to provide your own popcorn, pop, and $500.00 bag of licorice… Can you believe prices of snacks at the theaters these days! Anyway, I guess that just goes to show that you need to save nickels and dimes wherever you can, and Grooby Discount Tickets are a great way to save some money on the best Shemale porn in the world!


Come Play At The Sizzling Jay Sin’s TS Playground!

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t-tsplayground-01 t-tsplayground-02

t-tsplayground-03 t-tsplayground-04

In this day and age, there are precious few moments to sit back and take a little break from the business of day-to-day living. However, I am a firm believer that we all deserve to have a little fun every once in a while, and one of the best ways to do that, is just to sit back, relax, and enjoy some gorgeous Shemale Pornstars, right?

Here are some pictures from Jay Sin’s TS Playground, a site that I’ve been visiting quite a bit recently. TS Playground features some of today’s brights Shemale Pornstars from right here in the US, such as Tiffany Starr, Eva Lin, and Amy Daly; as well as showcasing some of the best talent that Brazil has to offer as well! I think you’ll really enjoy taking a little romp through TS Playground, and Jay Sin has done a really excellent job of amassing some great scenes for you there. Take a break and check it out… you deserve it!


Grooby’s Sexiest Independent Site Owners At Grooby Girls Blog!

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t-groobygirls-01 t-groobygirls-02

As you probably know, the Grooby Network, which is the company-backed collection of independently owned and operated sites, launched late in 2011 with the very first Grooby Girl, Brittany St. Jordan. Soon she was joined by Michelle Austin, and then more recently by Wendy Summers and Jordan Jay… with lots more Grooby Girls coming soon!

We’d like to invite you to check out their sites for yourself, as well as preview some sexy, exclusive pictures at the Grooby Network Blog. If you want to keep up with all the Grooby Girls from one source, just bookmark this blog and you’ll have a first look at all the new Grooby Girls coming down the pipeline.

Independent sites like these are really the backbone of the porn world. It is where Fans and Admirers can go check out the objects of their affections and interact with them on as close to a one-on-one basis as most will ever get. I really hope you’ll find one of the Grooby Girls to rock your world… there is a great selection there already and more to come soon!

t-groobygirls-03 t-groobygirls-04


It’s A Titanic Party With Allanah Starr In NYC At Fusion!

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Allanah Starr is returning to NYC to her world-famous Saturday TS Party for the first time in more than two years… and you’re invited to this titanic party! This nautical themed event is sure to be a blast so make sure you come a little early and bring your dancing shoes so you’re not the one standing in the corner sinking the party…

With go-go dancers, a special photo presentation (featuring Allanah Starr), and drinks flowing all night long, you’ll remember this party for quite some time! Come have some fun and check out some of the lovely Transsexual Entertainment that NYC has to offer.

Come Get Wild With Shemale Pornstar Eva Lin!

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t-evalin-newsitepics-02 t-evalin-newsitepics-03

In our last post here at Wildside Porn Blog we gave you all a teaser picture of Eva Lin as we helped announce the launch of her brand new site. Well, here are some more pictures for you to enjoy from a few of her debut sets there so you can see just how beautiful Eva Lin is!

Eva Lin’s Official Site is stuffed full of hardcore action, and if you haven’t yet seen Eva Lin fucking… you’re in for a real treat! Eva Lin is hands down one of the most exciting performers of today, and she just loves to fuck! However, if solo scenes are more your speed, never fear because Eva Lin has plenty of those too. What’cha still reading for…? Get on over to Eva Lin’s Site and check her out!

t-evalin-newsitepics-01 t-evalin-newsitepics-04


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